Town Center Report: Rockville Residents Want to Support Retailers

The Community Engagement Report for Rockville’s Town Center Master Plan Update suggests residents want to support retailers and create more greenspace in the area.

The community feedback report comes ahead of two community meetings for residents to provide final feedback before city staff begins to draft the plan for the future of growth and development in the Town Center. The goal, according to the city, is to create a comprehensive vision for the area that keeps in mind city goals around climate action, racial equity and bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The report is an accumulation of a series of community events and outreach methods beginning in April which collected feedback from over 1,000 people.

The mayor and council adopted the last Rockville Town Center Master Plan in 2001 when the area was a traditional, enclosed shopping mall. Since then, the report says, the area has turned into a mixed-used destination and job center

The top priority for Rockville residents is supporting retail in the Town Center, with over 70% of surveyed people listing this in their top three priorities. They are interested in more affordable retail options and and anchor store, report said.

Behind supporting retail, Rockville residents listed increased greenspace and improved infrastructure for walking, biking and rolling as second and third priorities.

Parking availability was listed as the top transportation aspect that should be improved.

Rockville residents, according to the report, also want more housing density, affordable housing, diverse retail options, greenspace, events and improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Almost 95% of respondents said they support the closure of Gibbs Street to vehicle traffic and over 70% said they would like more Town Center streets to do the same.

The mayor and council are expected to adopt the final plan in July 2024.

Community members interested in hearing more or providing feedback can attend two meetings, on Oct. 24 and Oct. 26 at 7 pm. For more information on the meetings, click here.

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